How to refresh data in Data Studio/Looker Studio

How to manually refresh data source in Data Studio #

In the top right corner click ⋮ and click Refresh data
How to refresh data in google data studio

Change data freshness frequency #

  1. Go to Resource > Manage and choose Added data sources
    Click edit next to the Data Source you want refresh

Refresh data source in data studio edit

  1. Click Data freshness

Change data freshness

Different data sources have different data refresh rates. And each has a default refresh rate that you can change most of the time.

  • Google Sheets, by default, refreshes the data every 15 min, but you can also choose 1, 4 or 12 h intervals.
  • Google Analytics refreshes by default every 12 h, and you could also choose 1 and 4 h
  • Google Ads data sets refresh every 12h, and you cannot change them.
    Google ads data freshness in Data Studio

Check your report data freshness. #

You can see the data's last updated time in the bottom left corner of the report.

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