Link a custom domain from Google domains to Vercel app

  1. Deploy your application on Vercel under domain. For example, .
  2. Go to Settings > Domains and choose the domain you want to link with your custom Google Domain.
  3. Type your custom Google domain name into the domain input field.
  4. When the pop-up asking for redirect configuration appears, choose recommended option preferably, or if you have some particular reason, choose any o the other two.
  5. As both of your domains would have an Invalid configuration, go to Google Domains dashboard to configure it.
  6. Go to the DNS section on the left panel in the Google Domains.
  7. Under the DNS section, go to Resource records.
  8. Now copy corresponding values from the Vercel domain section into the Google domain.
    How to link your custom domain from Google domains to Vercel app

What is Vercel? #

Vercel is an end-to-end platform for developers that lets you create and deploy the web app. The following features allow serving content to your users: Deployments, CI/CD, Custom domains, and Monitoring your project (Checks, Analytics, and Usage to watch your site performance)

Vercel custom domains #

By default, Vercel sets a domain for every deployment. However, you can change it to your custom domain. You can purchase a domain on Vercel or a third party, and Vercel will manage all the configuration, such as DNS and SSL certificates.

What are Google Domains? #

Google domains allow you to handle domains from your Google Account. Secure infrastructure, privacy protection, domain management tools, and easy integration with top website builders.