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If you're looking to boost your productivity, learning Python is an excellent place to start. With Python's versatility, you can automate mundane tasks and focus on more valuable tasks that require creativity and critical thinking. Whether you need to scrape data from the web, analyze data, or manipulate files, Python's simple syntax and extensive library of modules make it easy to complete these tasks efficiently.

Google Sheets

Learning Google Sheets will increase your productivity and help you manage data in a more efficient way. With Google Sheets, you can easily automate repetitive tasks, use built-in functions and formulas to perform complex calculations and collaborate with others in real-time.

Looker Studio

By learning Looker Studio, you'll be able to access and analyze your data in ways that were previously impossible. You can easily create custom dashboards and reports that provide you with a clear, concise overview of your marketing performance.

Domains, deployment and others

Deploy your app to Vercel and use custom domain for it.


Learning how to effectively use online tools and platforms can help you communicate, collaborate, and work efficiently in a virtual environment.